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Need portable poles & aerial equipment?

Email us at info@LoveJonesFitness

to learn how to rent high-quality mobile X-Poles, X-Pole Stages, A-frames, and aerial hoops.


*Delivery, set up, and breakdown are available to select locations. 

Mobile Stage  Pole

Completely portable pole dance stage for complete freedom to pole anywhere

With a lower profile podium area and reduced weight, the X-POLE X-STAGE Lite is even more portable, but just as stable as the X-STAGE. For this pole, we generally recommend a user weight limit of 330lbs. You can increase the stability by adding weight plates. Always test your pole’s stability before each use.

The X-STAGE Lite can be set up anywhere with a 10′ overall height and 5″ of ceiling clearance (total 10’5″) with no permanent ceiling fixings required (shorter extensions available if you don’t have the minimum overall height and clearance). It also features spinning & static modes as standard.

Total height of 10 ft

  • 5ft podium diameter with 4″ podium height

  • Available in Chrome 45mm diameters

  • Spinning & Static

X-Pole A-Frame

The A-FRAME is designed to be a portable aerial rig for Hammocks, Silks, Hoops and the X-FLY Flying Pole.

The A-Frame can be used from 8ft (2450mm) up to 11.42ft (3480mm) with multiple heights being selectable in-between


  • 55″ top bar supplied with product

  • Extendable height from 8ft (2450mm) up to 11.42ft (3480mm)

    • Footprint

      • 8ft height – 47 sq.ft

      • 11.42ft height – 95 sq.ft

  • Flexibility to switch between aerial disciplines (Hammocks, Silks, Hoops or X-FLY Flying Pole)

To connect Lyra, Silks and hammocks, you may also need carabinersswivelsTerminal 8Span Sets and top-bar connector 

Mobile Pole (pressure mounted)


  • Pressure mounted pole that fits heights between 7’ 6” to 9’ 1″ 

  • Available in Chrome, 45mm diameters

  • No screws, bolts or drilling needed to set up the XPERT Pro pole

  • Safe and sturdy. Not a novelty store pole.

    • Can be installed with a permanent mount 

Aerial Hoop, Lyra Heart shape - aerial Lyra for Aerialists


- Material: steel powder coating
- Grip size: 25 mm
- High: 97 cm
- Width: 95cm

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